Isaac Ben-Moha
Isaac Ben-Moha (1927-2005) was the seventh out of eight children (3 daughters and 5 sons, 4 of which are still alive her in Israel) of Sarah and Yehuda Ben-Moha, from Tetuan, Spanish Morocco.

Isaac followed some of his brothers who made Aliyah to Israel. Almost immediately he joined the Foreign Volunteers Regiment and fought in the War of Independence. He moved to Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar with a group of immigrants from Tetuan, and from there to Kibbutz Afikim. There they joined a group of immigrants from Egypt serving in a Nahal unit preparing to establish a new settlement in Kibbutz Yagev, later know as Kfar Azza. There Isaac met his wife to be, Lillian-Lea, a member of the Nahal unit, an immigrant from Egypt. In the 50's they moved to the small town of Lod. They left it for a small farm in the Nitzaney Oz settlement, and their two eldest children were born there. The family moved back to Lod In 1962, and Isaac started working at the customs department at the International (Ben Gurion) Airport, where he continued to work until his retirement. His brother Amram says that everybody, even family members, knew better than to expect any favors at customs while Isaac was on duty…

Life wasn't easy, the family wasn't wealthy, but then again, they never wanted for anything.

Isaac loved the beach, and the time he spent there was divided between two hobbies - fishing and collecting seashells and stones. He brought the stones home and turned them into colorful mosaics and collages which began to cover the walls. These were supplemented by oil paintings and paper collages, inspired by two major influences - Isaac's Spanish heritage and Jewish tradition. Isaac had no formal artistic education, but he did have a great hand, a good eye and an endless patience for the work, which sometimes took days. Some examples may be seen in this site, built by his children and dedicated to his memory.